So you want to get some Mithril when you join, Hm? Well that won't be easy. Good luck to you

Just joinedEdit

So you've just joined the game and are looking for Mithril to conquer everyone else. Look for a Stone island, called Boulder island. If you see it, That is good. Now, Get at least 3 Hafts, Now get 3 Tree stumps for a raft and sail off to the island

What if I don't see said island?Edit

That's alright. Just make a raft and find the island, If you see an island with Wheat, Go to it first, You'll need it for bread - Once you find the stone island, Continue onto the next part

Boulder islandEdit

Now you're at Boulder island, Get at least 3 Stones and make them small and into a Pickaxe, Now you should be able to mine, Get some Tin (3), And scram to Desert island before you die

Why just 3 Tin?Edit

You don't need to grab copper as there's copper at Desert

I found paradice/wheat island on my way to Desert!Edit

Good! Get some wheat and if you have it, A mill and make atleast Flour for Bread

Make sure that nobody is there

I saw someone! What do I do!?Edit

Do I attack?Edit

No. Not unless they do

I have no weapons!Edit

If they attack GO BACK ON YOUR RAFT

If they ask to team, accept their request

Desert islandEdit

Now you're at desert island, That's good, Go into the cave with a light source and get 3 Copper and a stone to make into a small stone, Take the small stone and craft it into a Flint, Get some cactus and ignite it with your new Flint, and smelt your Copper and Tin. Once you have the Copper and Tin smelted, Make them into Bronze and make a Bronze pickaxe. Then get some Coal and Iron (3 Of both), Smelt your iron and combine the Coal and Iron for Steel, Make a Steel pickaxe and go to Poseidon's arc

Poseidon's Arc

, Don't leave without some cactus, You'll need it because it's weld surface

Some n00b killed me!Edit

If you get killed, Do what I do, Say "Fick dich", it translates to "F#ck you". Keeps them away for an hour, Wimps

its a 50/50 if their rude, they will attack. if there parents are next to them... they will avoid you.

Poseidon's ArcEdit

Now you're at Poseidon's arc. Take your cacti and use it to climb the arc for the mithril, There are (I think) 3 spots on the arc, The easiest being at the top.

At the topEdit

Now you're at the top, good, Get ALL the mithril you can find and scram before someone sees you, Kills you, And loots you of some of your stuff. Congrats, You have mithril! Have fun.

A n00b killed me and I lost my mithril!Edit

Look at part 3.1