!NOTICE! These are not official names, and i have made them up according to how i see them. Also this is not yet finished !NOTICE!

Also, do note it's extremely hard to find a new server, and i try to get the least cluttered islands for you guys. Also it's easier for me to find out exactly what resources are natural and what are not. This is why some of the descriptions do not have all of the resources, or are unfinished. But i will get to it eventually.

Poseidon's Arc


This island contains one big ring surrounded by about 6 smaller rings.

The island contains coal, mithiril and sulfur.

It is recommended to bring Food, Water, and Materials to climb up it. As it has no sources of either food or water, and is very steep. 

Desert Island

This is the only island with cactus.

The island contains ores such as Iron, Copper, and Coal.


This island consists of wheat, rocks, trees, cocanuts, and a nice walled formation of rocks.

It is a great island for building up an outside base.

Forest Island

The island comes with a great deal of trees and bushes, and with a handful of wheat and rocks.

Boulder Island

An island made of just rock, like Poseidon's Arch but has sand.

Ores it has are Coal, Tin, and Copper.


The biggest of the islands, yielding many resources. 


With many trees and murky looking waters.

Flax Island

Another island
The main resource on this island being flax, you can also get rock, copper, logs, foilage, and herbs there.


Another island 2
Undulate pretty much means hill, it's just fancy. Here you can find bananas, and more resources to be revealed on this page later. ;)

Cotton Island [Fleecy]

Cotton Island
Main resouce being cotton, other resources such as logs, foilage, water, berries, and other junk.