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*Patience is a virtue! I am gone this weekend, as well as a week from now. The limited free time I have will be spent updating.*

Survive and thrive in this open-world adventure. Gather resources, excavate caves, craft tools, and fashion weapons. Form powerful tribes, construct magnificent castles, and explore vast lands -- perhaps even conquer them!

This game is not copied. It was made entirely from scratch. Davidii has given his full approval of this game.

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Report any exploiters immediately to me!

Allowed: Killing, Burning, Raiding, Stealing, Destroying
NOT Allowed: Exploiting, Drag-burning, Seating

Suggestions V2:

Admins: Davidii, 9196, PingyTalk, Liavkr104, Benny75890, FierceDeityLink13

Scripted by Shagabash.
Built by FlaminBlade.
Inspired by Davidii.






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Survival: Beginnings

Wiki Description

Here I have made a wiki for my new  favorite game. I really would enjoy feed back on what should be added to the recipes and tips sections.Or possibly an entire new section, I hope this helps you.

This wiki will not be updated very quickly, as I have other things in life to attend to. But the wiki will have bigger updates each time rather then a lot of small ones. I usually take a quick glance at my messages on ROBLOX more often then i do here when i'm away. So if you have a question or something, feel free to message "SweatySphincter" on ROBLOX, I will try my best to get back to you. Hopefully i will have a tutorial up soon.